Street Levels Gallery

Services performed

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The Client

Street Levels Gallery

Street Levels Gallery is an international gallery of urban art based in Florence.

The project has been structured on several communication channels and recalls the world of contemporary art and design, following the logic of the urban universe.


Font as a marker

The Everett font is the same used for the logo and is characterized by a symmetrical structure and sharp geometries that make it a contemporary grotesque, dynamic and elegant.

The stroke also recalls the graphic sign of the marker.

Visual identity

Urban inspiration

The typographic structure for the posters is freely inspired by the road stripes. The text is composed in columns and lines that fit together, leaving freedom of composition according to the lettering.

The chromatic choice wants to further mark the connection with the urban imaginary. The grayscale refers to cement and asphalt while yellow and blue are two shades belonging to road signs.


Urban wayfinding

The iconography refers to the symbology of the road context, and is used for promotional communication linked to the gallery (e.g. merchandising, accompanying elements, etc.) and for signage inside and outside the exhibition space.

Web Development

An urban art community

Not only an eCommerce but a real community of urban art.
The goal of the project was to create a digital portal as a reference point for artists and urban art’s lovers.

This was possible thanks to the creation of dedicated pages for each artist, with a subscription system of newsletters (always specific for each artist), events calendar and online magazine.

In addition, the site is dynamically connected to a system to automate the logistics in real time to facilitate the store manager the management of sales and shipments of the shop.