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The What and the Why of sneakers. Two fundamental questions whose answers are crucial to explaining the MOACONCEPT brand.


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My Own Action - WE RAD

My Own Action

MOACONCEPT, a benefit company and a sneaker brand, is committed to having a positive impact on society. Sneakers as a way to further the company’s ethical and social values: the well-being of the planet and those who live on it. 

Given the above, the collaboration with WE RAD, a Bcorp company, was a very obvious outcome, as both companies also embrace the “give back concept”: corporate social responsibility and corporate choices aimed at adding value to the world.

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A tailor-made strategy - WE RAD

A tailor-made strategy

Goal: to develop a strategy that combines fashion footprint with the brand’s values.

The first step was the analysis of the competing brand's reason why, which, coupled with trend research and forecasts, allowed to produce specific data that were crucial for the design of a dedicated strategy.

The analysis of the market sentiment allowed us to extrapolate the concept at the heart of the brand, which is the paradigm shift we want to achieve. Now is the time to consciously experience the places in which we are immersed and forget about the past. The city becomes the link between the what and why of MOACONCEPT, in other words, our “here”.

And what is the medium that keeps us in touch with the places and the cities we live in? Sneakers. Sneakers become the link between us and the cities and therefore the medium through which we take conscious actions.

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This is how the brand payoff - My Own Action – came to be: all our conscious actions can have a positive impact on the planet, even wearing a pair of MOACONCEPT sneakers to go to work on foot, by bike or by shared transport. Not only a means of transport but also a symbol of values that allows to carry out small but conscious actions in everyday life, step by step. 

The MOACONCEPT project called on WE RAD's Strategy, Branding and Content divisions to work together with the client, towards a shared u-turn.

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