Backstage of an Italian picnic 

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AQUAZZURA CASA <br/>Backstage of an Italian picnic  - WE RAD

n order to produce the AQUAZZURA campaign for the "Jaipur" and "Cherry Blossom" table sets, WE RAD came up with the idea of a multifaceted concept that is faithful to the various uses of the product.


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A Renaissance style adapted to modern days - WE RAD

A Renaissance style adapted to modern days

Goal: to communicate both the aesthetic imprint of the collection and the Italian origin of the brand. Two elements that, once combined, are reminiscent of Fellini's La Dolce Vita.

To rediscover this look & feel, WE RAD created a setting that has the retro style of a pic-nic. Out of a long list of potential locations, Florence’s Villa Salviati was deemed the most appropriate. The combination of the AQUAZZURA set and the Renaissance context of the garden conjures up images of a lifestyle that retains all its pleasurable conviviality and glamour. 

Shapes and atmospheres of yesteryear - WE RAD

Shapes and atmospheres of yesteryear

Starting from the product design, WE RAD created nine romantic table setting compositions.

This ensemble of scenographies leads to a comprehensive photoshoot where WE RAD showcases the bucolic location and the richness of the individual. 

To get to the heart of the pic-nic concept, or its French version (pique-nique), WE RAD delves into the etymology of the term: piquer (to steal) and nique (something frugal). The Studio uses this definition in two different ways. On one hand, it adds a pleasantly voyeuristic touch, on the other, it hints at taking advantage of the vibrant midday light, which contrasts its dark shadows.

The aesthetics of this photographic and storytelling approach also translates into a video pill with a vintage style, which offers a deliberately fragmented view of a moment that is halfway between reality and theatricality.

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The masonry arches become the frame for 15th-century frescoes of the court, turning the garden of Villa Salviati into a perfect theatre of shadows.

This is where WE RAD showcases the backstage of Dolce Vita: the Aquazzura products animate the scene but it is WE RAD that raises the curtains.

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