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Gamification as a brand  communication strategy. A media able to impact and inform.



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CRAMA is a Sardinian association dedicated to the rescue and monitoring of marine turtles and cetaceans.

Marina Adventure

Our project encompassed the creation of brochures and storefront signs in the physical world, while venturing into the digital realm with the development of a video game. 

But why develop a game? Because of the perfect alignment with the association's mission to shed light on a relatively lesser-known issue that poses significant threats to the majestic inhabitants of our oceans. Creating a game presented a unique opportunity to engage and captivate our audience. It draws people in, spark curiosity, and create impact that lasts. 

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Know how and creativity serving biodiversity

After careful analysis, the video game came to life, transitioning from the development of 3D models with a low-poly style to the landing page with the game. The 3D element enabled us to transparently communicate the challenging reality of marine turtles today, delivering a clear message.

This was a project in which our skills were enriched by the significant added value of environmental conservation. Know-how and creativity in the service of biodiversity.

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As a BCorp agency, we have decided to allocate a portion of our revenue to this association, creating an awareness campaign about the dangers facing turtles and cetaceans.

This is a project designed to give voice to an important initiative that works tirelessly every day to protect our seas. For this project, we collaborated with Beepag for the creation of brochures and with ABC Typography for the production of storefront signs. These are two organizations that share our values, and we would like to thank them for working together to support this cause.

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