Severino Becagli S.r.l.

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The company Severino Becagli produces Alga Spirulina in a farmhouse immersed in Tuscany. The collective imagination of this region is the representation of evergreen hills and traditional flavors. The Alga Spirulina, on the other hand, is a world linked to vegan & healty values, closer to the pharmaceutical sector than to the traditional food industry. RAD’s strategy was to preserve the imaginary of the flavors of the Tuscan tradition, helping the product to enter in our food culture. Making the product visually good.

Severino Becagli is a Customer that RAD follows at 360 °.
From the strategy, to the production of all the contents for digital and for printing. For the RAD brand, it is the support for the design and production of paper materials such as leaflets, brochures, exhibition materials and packaging. The Digital department deals with web design and development, where the contents are organized according to the best logic of UX and UI.
The team is continuously supporting the customer for new content. When Severino Becagli participates in the fairs, Set and Graphic Designers follow the design and construction of the spaces. RAD follows the promotion of content on social networks
according to editorial plans shared with the customer. All this crowned by a work process dynamic and with a great deal of trust between the parties.

Siti Web Rad - Anteprima Desktop

Awards and acknowledgments

The Severino Becagli website has been awarded for its user experience, animations and user interface.

Award logo Honorable Mention
Award logo Special Kudos Best User Experience Best User Interface

Project realized in collaboration with Mirror Production.