Même Road

Services performed

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Campaign concept

Même Road FW 21-22

The need to return to live urban spaces in company. The desire for rebirth and re-appropriation of one’s independence. Moments of sharing and fun. Simply live.

This is the concept that inspired us to develop the new Même Road advertising campaign, where iconic garments are represented by slogans and messages of positivity, colorful prints and micro-patterns.



Art & Creative Direction



Copy & Social Media

Digital Advertising


Social Media Strategy

Focus on Brand Identity

In this last year, our goal has been to strengthen the brand identity through a digital strategy aimed at positioning Même Road on its reference social channel: Instagram.

With a + 133.9% increase in Followers and a + 160.3% increase in Impressions, we have expanded a target audience with our Audience, obtaining positive results also on the website with + 60% of new requests to the Contact Form.

Production Team

Producer: Silvia Cavicchi

Creative Directess: Bianca Borri

Photographer: Lorenzo Taliani

Video Maker: Giantommaso Puglisi

Soud: Filippo Rossi

Voice over: Voxon Italia