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Every year, the City of Florence chooses an illustrator to design the image of Estate Fiorentina, the seasonal event that takes place each summer. WE RAD team takes care of that image by declining and animating it, in order to create contents linked by the same identity that can be adapted to cover all the media. Specifically, WE RAD team enhances the values of the project by creating a dynamic visual storytelling.

Regarding the year 2018, the communication agency WE RAD, collaborated with the illustrator Paula Del Mas who created the illustrations of the campaign.



For the opening and closing press conference, RAD creates an emotional and summarizing video of the year’s mood. RAD designed a 2D animation to fill, through the technique of video mapping, the niches of the Sala D’Arme at the Palazzo Vecchio. This strategy that defines itself as dynamics leads to a not annoying repetition.

Different media, tells different parts of the same story. Frames of the story are impressed on paper to create printed ADV, telling once again in a dynamic way, the vastness of the initiatives proposed by Estate Fiorentina.

The Web Design department has been involved declining the identity of the initiative by creating a modern user interface. As with all other projects, the moment our team gives its best is when the Client entrusts us with all the strategy of contents. As beauty is nothing without technique, we thought also about the user experience making the events more usable through a geolocation on the map or the calendar option. The platform is clearly responsive and communicates in an automated way with other event portals.

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