Fondazione CasaMarta

Services performed

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The Client

Fondazione CasaMarta

Fondazione CasaMarta was established to constantly honor the memory of little Marta, who died prematurely at the age of nine months, and to give support to all children suffering from complex diseases through the realization of a very important project: the first residential facility in Tuscany of pediatric palliative care.

In support of the Foundation, for this project our team has taken care of the creation of the identity and the development of the website.

Brand Identity

Like a hug

The communication of CasaMarta comes from a dynamic and inclusive symbol that recalls a rainbow.

An embrace wrapped in a warm flow that comes alive and gives life to different shapes that will accompany the children inside Casa Marta to guide and make them feel welcome.

A symbol that children can draw and customize according to their imagination.

Mr. Baleno, an iconic accessory useful for everyone, was born out of imagination: for young patients as a friend to hug, for parents to relax while waiting, for doctors to interact with children. A friend that accompanies the CasaMarta family, always.


A platform for donations to support the Project

The website of Fondazione CasaMarta has been designed respecting the logic of Brand Identity and animated by illustrations and photos that show the project in its entirety, consistent with the image that the Foundation wants to convey to its Supporters.

In addition, it has been developed with a Donate Now page, which allows in a simple and fast way to everyone – both individuals and companies, to contribute to the project of realization of the first Pediatric Hospice in Tuscany.

The Friends of the Foundation

WE RAD in support of CasaMarta

As a B Corp company, it has been a great pleasure to take part in the Fondazione CasaMarta project. In our small way, we tried to honor this initiative in the best possible way by giving our contribution as a communication agency.