C.F. Florentia

Services performed

  • #Art Direction
  • #Shooting
  • #Design for print

The project concept

C.F. Florentia is a club exclusively dedicated to the development and the growth of women’s football. It believes and wants to invest in this sector, helping to define its cultural aspect too.

In the photographic storytelling the football field becomes a catwalk for contemporary women, far from the adjective of female and ever closer to their value as individuals.

As for all sports, people choose to start playing and following football driven by passion. The fact that football is mainly seen as a male sport is now only a cultural heritage of a generation that is not up with the times.

This editorial talks about Women, daily life and beauty.

It talks about strength and courage, prerogatives of human beings beyond gender.

It tells about women with great qualities; their personalities.

The models are wearing Guccify collection by Gucci.

The point of view of Alessandro Michele meets the values of these women who want to take off bulky labels without homologating to a stale femininity, expression of a mere male fantasy.

They are aware women. They are so confident that they can be ironic, just as Gucci could rename itself Guccy. Guccification is a cultural revolution that makes people desire the brand for the values it raises, like culture and personality. These are the values embodied by Florentia Women as testimonials.

In a society where we tend to give everything a name, the real revolution is being able to observe without judging.