Services performed

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The client


The Azienda Agricola Beatesca, located on the hill of Montalcino, has dedicated its Super Tuscan “Ilex” to the history of the territory that hosts it, rich in culture and meanings, paying homage to the presence of the majestic evergreen trees of Oak that inhabit it, in Latin the Quercus Ilex, thus honoring their presence.

The Action

The technical realization of the Ilex label

Different printing techniques have been used to embellish the label: the silhouette of the tree is printed in low relief, while all the blue writings have been printed with a hot foil and revised with the technique of high relief, in order to reveal the touch of their physiognomy. Another hot foil was also used to define the central Beatesca logo, on the lower part.

The result of all these steps has led to the creation of a label of great visual and tactile impact, with the aim of paying as much tribute as possible to the history of Montalcino and its centenary vegetation.

Together with art direction and computer graphics, we followed the entire print follow-up, defining with the printer all the details necessary to achieve the best possible effect.

The steps were:

  1. Technical design and layout of the label
  2. Digital prototyping with simulation of printing techniques
  3. Choice of paper and refinement of printing techniques
  4. Prototyping with typography
  5. Technical choices to allow to cut costs over the years changing only the vintage
  6. Print and review