Tre Effe Group

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The Client

Tre Effe Group

The story of Tre Effe Group is the story of a Made in Tuscany company producing high quality bovine leather.

A company at the forefront from many points of view, from constant research to attention to digitization.

With two lines dedicated to different markets, the products of Tre Effe Group are characterized by their quality and their high level performance.

Digital Identity

A new image

For this project, we took care of the new brand image starting from digital, trying to keep intact that balance between innovation and tradition pursued by the company. An elegant and clean line that matches the quality leathers it produces.

An interface was designed for the Tre Effe website to optimize the User Experience and make each page of the site easily usable by the end user.

Siti Web Rad - Anteprima Desktop

Website Product Oriented

Attention to the Product

The entire layout of the site, from the graphic to the photographic part, has been designed to highlight the product, as the only protagonist of the experience.

Thanks to a system of filters specific to application, collection and characteristics, the user is guided in the selection of the desired sample.

One of the main features of the site is that of being able to add items to the cart to request the desired leather samples.

Web performance

Fast loading times

To offer the user a unique and performing experience, the page is used quickly and accompanies the user in navigation in a completely dynamic way, with fast loading times despite the presence of many images.