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The Collection

Grand Tour

With Grand Tour, TNS Firenze launches ten new nuances for its classic and semi-permanent nail polishes, each related to a journey that is both geographic and emotional. A chromatic selection revealing new faces of the colder season, stolen from a bright and subtle nature and from the silky, silent and transparent atmospheres of fall and winter.

An ideal jouney into sounds, colors, lights and always changing emotions, translating atmospheres into nail colors as they were memories of unique places.

To support the new collection, WE RAD signs an online and offline campaign focused on brand awareness that innovates the nail beauty sector: a clear shift from a communication based on products and nails to an inspirational storytelling bringing Women at the center of the scene.

From Nail Shots to Beauty Shots

Every woman has its nail polish.

We have an intimate bound with TNS Firenze as a brand, having seen it growing with us: during the years, a close-knit and constantly evolving team has grown around it. Every new campaign gives us the opportunity to experiment with new solutions, increasing quality one step at a time.

With Grand Tour, the ideation and production processes behind our advertising campaigns have further refined: WE RAD follows the development of the project in all its stages, taking care of the creative direction in the development of the concept, the art direction in choosing set, make-up and models, the production and retouch of the images, the design of all printed and digital campaign collaterals, ending with the web development of the presentation website.

An inspirational campaign

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