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Sportler S.p.A.

This case study is the result of a creative process that took place without influence from the real client, with the aim of proving the skills and creativity of our agency.

Sportler is a multi-brand brand, present in northern Italy and Austria, which deals with sportswear for all activities related to the mountains. Sportler means “sporty” in German. For Sportler RAD proposes a dynamic approach to corporate identity, which it respects the company soundness and at the same time evolves towards an image, modern and dynamic. The project is structured on flexible graphic signs, which can be used for any type of communication; internal and external, online and offline. The analysis of the genetics of the logo, has allowed the design of a set of icons that can be used on site, app and store signs.

For advertising RAD proposes to show the Sportlers transforming the brand into a way of being. The payoff “Are you a Sportler?” offers only one answer in multiple languages ​​”SI!” “YES” “YA”. The tone of voice proposes a victory exultation, aimed at recreating the feeling of being successful in a sporting enterprise. Call to action are declined in questions that, if made to a Sportler, see only one possible answer “SI!” “YES” “YA”


The creative process also led to the development of an application dedicated to sharing moments of success – moments in which Sportlers tried to push themselves beyond their limits, and they did it. A short video tells of when Bianca, Matteo and Davide concluded the development of the project pushing beyond their limits.

Siti Web Rad - Anteprima Mobile

The strategy also sees the declination of graphic into magazine adverts aimed at promoting individual product.

Project realized in collaboration with Temera.