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Looking for Space?


Spazio s.r.l is a company that realizes modular living structures that are completely customizable. The company has exhibited at the Fuorisalone in Milan in collaboration with Simone Micheli. RAD, has created the branding and the corporate identity as well as the advertising and exhibition material for the occasion.

Focus #1


Spazio is an innovative and unique line of flexible modular units for use in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Focus #2


Spazio’s structure is able to guarantee the highest performance in terms of lack of maintenance, insulation, wind load resistance, snow load resistance, thermal conductivity, modularity, and dimensional flexibility.

Focus #3


Spazio’s design concept brings a new vision in any kind of setting space, allowing man and his activities to live in full harmony with the landscapes, lights and colours of the external environment.

Colour Palette

Digital with a Lime accent

Il progetto spazio prevede l'utilizzo di una palette colore fatta di tonalità di grigi con un accento acido dedito alla call to action The color palette is designed to enhance the digital soul of the project. That's we we've choose a tone a gray scale with a lime accent dedicated to the call to action.

Soft Black

Grey 1

Grey 2

Lime accent


The typographic rules of Spazio: Identity


Parmigiano Text Pro

Parmigiano Text Pro


Andale Mono

Andale Mono