Phonak Sonova

Services performed

  • #ADV Campaign

The Client

Phonak Sonova

We present the advertising campaign created for Phonak, premium brand of Sonova, the Swiss multinational world leader in the production and distribution of hearing aids.

With a clean creative, empathetic imagery and a CTA that encourages users to care about their hearing health, this multi-subject campaign aims to certify the skills and professionalism of the Hearing Care Technician who sells Phonak brand hearing solutions.

Project realized in collaboration with ZOOPPA.

The campaign

The relationship at the center

The campaign focuses on the relationship between Hearing Care Professional and Customer; a story of trust in which every customer is a new story that needs to be heard. The Hearing Care Professional is the listening professional – ready to find the right solution for you.

The proposal consists of two types of message: empathic and informative.

The empathetic message is given by the choice of warm, welcoming and intimate images, associated with an inclusive headline: “Your hearing is your story“.

Come tell it to us” is an invitation to share your personal experience with trained technicians ready to welcome the audience. It represents a key transition to the informational CTA “Book your free checkup