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Un parco restituito alla città

Naming & identità visiva

From soccer stadium to green heart of the city: the Montuliveto park is living a rebirth. A group of investors gave Pistoia (a city near Florence) its public park back. The operation included renewing all the greens, creating new areas – such as the children’s and the dog’s area – the opening of a new pizzeria/café inside a greenhouse, and much more.

WE RAD was in charge of the communication: we defined a new identity for the park and for the activities taking place in it. The chosen naming resounds the local pronunciation of the original name – “Monte Oliveto” – and is a key branding element in the different situations you can find in the park: Montuliveto’s Bar, Montuliveto’s Pizza, and so on.

La Mascotte

Micco, l'orso di Montuliveto

The park’s activities are founded on values like sustainability, inclusion and hospitality. We wanted to embody these values in a mascotte, with the aim of enriching the communication.

The “Micco” bear has always been part of the city’s historical banner. His name suggests attributes like foolishness and goofiness. The new Montuliveto bear, instead, is an example for the community living the park: he is environmental friendly, self-confident, somewhat cheeky and serves as the park’s paladin. Inside the park, you will find him dealing with different situations, from fitness to skateboarding, from plant care to family activities.


Colori naturali per tutte le ore del giorno

Erba Montuliveto

Cipresso Montuliveto



Rosso pomodoro

Azzurro cielo

Arancio carota

Design for print

Un menù per tutti

Montuliveto’s bar is the beating heart of the park. It consists of a circular building (hosting the Italian bar and the pizzeria) and of a big greenhouse (where you can eat and drink surrounded by nature) – the food & beverage offering is wide and quite refined!

To allow the customers to appreciate it best, we designed a single menu, split into time slots. Reading proceeds following an entertaining discovery of the menu, along with different sides of the bear’s personality. Our favorite dishes? The “Colpadidiego” pizza and the “Rossofoco” calzone! And don’t miss the custom drinks with fresh fruits…