Dimensione Verde S.r.l.

Services performed

  • #Design for digital
  • #Web development

Our role

A historic company becomes 100% digital

Dimensione Verde is a boutique studio designing and maintaining green areas. Designs for residential and historic gardens, parks for hospitality, fountains and pools are among the services offered by the company.

We were asked to design a new website supporting the company in a new stage of expansion and digitalization of its business. Starting from a pre-existent logo, we translated the brand identity into the digital medium, introducing new rules and visual solutions.

The website

A flexible and custom structure

Great attention has been given to the case history: thanks to a custom-developed system, the projects’ previews can be freely arranged with different size and format options. The result is an extremely rich and dynamic layout that the Client can update over time.

The design also puts an important narrative element in focus: the brand video located in the homepage was sectioned in chapters that are placed at the beginning of every internal page, acting as introduction for the argument treated in the following sections.