Bianchi e Nardi 1946

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Precious materials and exclusive workmanship

Bianchi e Nardi 1946 is the luxury leather goods brand that gives life to unique and timeless objects, in which the classicism of Florentine craftsmanship is linked to the constant search for novelty and innovation.

Research and uniqueness are two keywords on which our team worked to give life to this project.


Art e creative direction
Design for print
Web development
Produzione foto
Produzione video

Web Development

Fluidity, safety and elegance

The architecture used to develop the Bianchi and Nardi 1946 website is the Jamstack standards (

The old monolithic logics have been abandoned in favor of a headless CMS able to guarantee the best performance in loading times and fluidity but also respecting the highest security standards, keeping the data (backend) separate from the user experience (frontend) .

In parallel with the development, the WE RAD team of Web and User Experience Design took care of the study of all the interfaces, making sure to offer the best browsing experience for booking the Bianchi and Nardi 1946 Experience and consulting the products for collections. and materials.

The design flow involved the creation of graphics, mock-ups and real interactive prototypes that made it possible to study animations and page transitions even before starting development, as well as providing a faithful preview to the customer, including images and definitive texts.

Video Production

L'Art of savoir faire

The purpose of the corporate video by Bianchi and Nardi 1946 is to show the art of savoir faire through a language that breaks the classic canons of Florentine craftsmanship, approaching the world of luxury Maison with elegance.

The execution sees the staging of the main production phases – from the design to the finished product – within a film set made up of light changes and macro leathers.


Production Team

Productione: WE RAD
Creative Directess: Bianca Borri
Photo: Lorenzo Ferroni
Direction & Editing: Giantommaso Puglisi
DOP: Stefano Campagna
Set Design: Costanza Ciattini
MUA: Elena Puggelli
Technical Studios: FullMovie
Casting Agency: Casting Firenze