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The client

Beste: a textile enterprise outside of the box

Beste is a textile company managing the complete production cycle of its products: from the development of the fabric, to the manufacturing of the finished garment. Thanks to its research & development lab, the company keeps developing innovating solutions in the textile field, always with an accent on sustainability.

WE RAD is the communication agency that took care of Beste’s digital brand identity. The identity was then applied to a website design that puts user experience in focus, enabling to easily navigate through the company’s rich information and services offering.

The website was build one WordPress, developing a custom theme with an intuitive dashboard that helps the Client keeping all the contents up to date.

Digital brand identity

The typographic rules

Besides suggesting a link with the textile world, Beste’s logomark contains a strong visual connection with Scandinavian traditional iconography. We wanted to emphasize this “nordic” soul that is also present in the architecture and interiors of the company’s headquarters, empowering the brand awareness through typography.

The font chosen for headlines has strong and sharp serifs, bold contrasts and a unique brutalist look. These qualities are enhanced by the graphic context, based on elementary grids, subtle lines and absence of color.

For other UI elements, such as paragraphs, buttons and captions, we used a complimentary font: a grotesque sans that with high readability and a contemporary flavor. This pairing brought to a crisp and intuitive information hierarchy, whilst using few font styles: less families and less weights means quicker loading!

Siti Web Rad - Anteprima Desktop

Web performance

A dynamic navigation, without the need of page loading

These days, every second is precious. We know it well: that’s wy we design all our websites to be as performing as possible.

We challenge you to load Beste’s site: besides using a cache system to speed up the loading, every animations in the UI is studied to drive the user without the need for page refreshes!

Our front end development team has made this possible by designing a custom made solution to switch between the two main navigations.

User Experience

One website, two navigations

One of the web design challenges was to manage a wide range of content placed at the same hierarchical level.

How to guide the user in the correct way?
How to help him finding what he is looking for?

The appearance of the logomark suggested us a splitting of the site’s sections in two – sometimes four – areas, encouraging both a vertical and a horizontal navigation. One of the two paths always remains visibile to guide the user without the risk of losing himself in this extensive website.

Siti Web Rad - Anteprima Mobile