Services performed

  • #Art Direction
  • #Naming
  • #Branding
  • #Website guidelines

The Client


Exclusive, innovative and attentive.

4Sea is a luxury nautical clothing brand that offers eco-friendly garments made from sustainable and recycled materials, such as yarns from plastic recovered from the sea.

4Sea is a brand moving in a sustainable direction, characterized by important ethical and quality standards

Sea People

Passion for the sea, the environment and those who live it, drives 4Sea every day to new challenges, which allow them to create unique garments through eco-friendly production.

The project, perfectly in line with WE RAD values, was a participatory experience that enhanced our skills.

Photo credits: Daniele Barraco

The Project

Fashion, performance and sustainability

The main objective of the project was to develop the 4SEA brand identity by combining the logics of sportswear for professional sailing and those of fashion inspired by sailing.

Design pillar:

  • Dynamism and Performance
  • Sustainability and respect for the environment
  • Fashion and team spirit


  • Naming 
  • Branding
  • Development of website guidelines
  • UX

Through this work, we gave a dynamic, sporty and elegant image to the brand, matching it to the strong and clear message the brand wants to convey, the respect for the ocean.