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The collection

POP italiano

TNS Firenze launches 10 new colors dedicated to Italian style: the bright red of Amarena, the soft and deep light of Divina, the wisteria pink of Orchidea, the surprising violet of Vittoria. Materials and textures that resemble national fashion and design trends, and that turn into nail colors.

Everlasting nuances and gradients, full and hyper-feminine, intense, metallic, soft: every color is a new and elegant point of view on Italian style.

Everlasting style


The majolicas of Positano, the orange of the most famous aperitif, the Tuscan brocades, Roberto Cappucci’s plissé, the soft and unique shapes of pasta: history, beauty and tradition encounter the Italian style of design and color, turning into everyday beauty.

There is a strong bound between craftmanship and international design: expert handcraft, taste for shapes, colors and mood. A bound that slowly became fashion art, illustration, photography, culture. In one word: style!