Rai Com S.p.A.

Services performed

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Rai Com S.p.A. is the company of the Gruppo Rai that deals with disseminating around the world the programs from the parent company.

RAD has recreated from scratch all the structure of three sites of the online network: RaiCom, Edizioni Musicali and Italiana, through the use of the proprietary framework, this to ensure high performance in loading pages and responsive optimization of the structure on each resolution and on the latest generation devices.

Three tailor-made themes were developed, using as few  third-part plugins and extensions as possible, encouraging the development of modules and functionalities made specifically for each of the three projects.

This allowed us to guarantee an easy-to-use administration area and a clean and performing frontend code. For Edizioni Musicali website, 2 customized systems have been developed to manipulate PDF and Audio to facilitate the flow of optimized data entry.

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