We are looking for a role that covers the role of SEO & web marketing specialist, to manage the development of web marketing strategies, through specific analysis on each job.
The ideal candidate is aware the trends and updates of web marketing and SEO, prepared for team work. Equipped with analytical skills for reporting and data study.

Requisiti fondamentali:

  • SEO-skilled
  • Definition of objectives and priorities related to social media management
  • Digital PR activities
  • Analytics, Data and Reports management
  • Competitor analysis and related KPI definition and monitoring
  • Analytical reporting of the activity made
  • Development, together with our graphic team, of original and quality contents

Requisiti ottimali:

  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Basic knowledge of Wordpress
  • Proficient in english
  • Knowledge of newsletter design
  • Knowledge of graphic and photo editing software

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